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What Do I Do When I’m Injured By a Defective Product?

Exploding airbags send shards of flying metal at people. A massive recall launches to replace them.  But airbags are not alone. It seems we hear about another defective product recall every other day! Food, from romaine lettuce to beef and poultry, get recalled. Baby products, toys, drugs, vehicles: the list is huge. We don’t seem [...]

What To Do When You’re Hit By a Drunk or Impaired Driver

It’s a bad time anytime you’re involved in a vehicle accident. But when the other driver is clearly drunk or impaired, it becomes a total nightmare. In addition to the common and prudent practices anyone should do when they’re in an accident, as covered below, you want to pay close and special attention to much [...]

Bicycle Safety and Accidents: What You Need to Know

It’s a jungle out there on the roads! Some drive aggressively like it’s all about “survival of the fittest.” Others hug the center lanes, traveling 15 miles per hour under the posted speed limit while death gripping the steering wheel like they’re dangling over the rim of the Grand Canyon on a rope. Toss over [...]

How a Personal Injury Attorney Represents and Fights for You after a Vehicular Accident

In one split second your life can turn from happy and normal to complete devastation! Being involved in an automobile accident and injured does that. And when it happens, it's important you hire a Las Vegas personal injury attorney as quickly as possible. They’ll be there to help you overcome the obstacles and make you [...]

How a Personal Injury Lawyer Helps Dog Bite Victims

Dog bite attacks are horrific! When you or someone you know is a victim, the sooner you get qualified information and conscientious service from a highly experienced attorney like Edward Bernstein & Associates the better! Dog bites and attacks involve everything from treatment for immediate injuries to navigating the complex rules, regulations, and laws across [...]

Attraction and Distraction Never Leaves Las Vegas

There’s no other place in the world like Las Vegas, where living on the edge of attraction and distraction causes accidents every day.  Where do most of the pedestrian accidents happen in Las Vegas? While The Strip is the likeliest suspect, Boulder Highway takes the undesirable trophy. Where do most auto accidents happen in Las [...]

What to Do When You Suspect Elder Abuse

There’s a hidden epidemic in America. The elderly, especially those with no remaining family and few friends, are in jeopardy. Even a member of your immediate family could be in danger. Nearly five million elderly Americans are reportedly abused each year. With over two million of them living in long-term health care facilities it only [...]

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