25 Things You Didn’t Know About Auto Accidents

Most people who drive in the United States have been involved in at least one auto accident at some point in their lives. You may have been the victim of an auto accident, the cause of it, or even a witness to one. They’re so common, that even if you haven’t been in an accident [...]

What To Do After You’ve Been in a Car Accident

Every year, between 20 and 50 million people are injured in car accidents and another 1.3 million die as a result of an accident on the road. No matter how the accident happened, or who was at fault, it’s important to know what to do. Keep these steps handy if you’re ever in an auto [...]

Nevada’s New “Move Over Law”

Nevada’s “Move Over Law” was amended on Monday in an effort to help protect Nevada Department of Transportation (NDOT) personnel. According to the department, twenty-four NDOT workers have been killed while performing road work maintenance since 1948. Beginning July 1, drivers will be need to slow down and prepare to stop or move over when [...]

Las Vegas Auto Accident Lawyer Discusses 3 Types of Personal-Injury Damages

In a matter of seconds, an auto accident can cause devastating property damage and traumatic injuries. Victims often face an uphill climb to recovery. Some cannot afford their medical bills, and the loss of income leads to overwhelming debt. […]

No Drivers License for Teens Who Skip Class?

The Las Vegas Review Journal says Clark County School District officials are trying to use driver’s licenses and work permits to threaten teens who drop out or skip class. I found this article interesting because my office has been committed to teen driver safety in the Las Vegas community for years. National statistics show car [...]


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