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Cecile MundingCecile joined Edward M Bernstein and Associates in 1992.

Cecile started her career in the Claims Insurance industry working for several major insurance companies. After 10 years of processing claims, Cecile felt her defense expertise would be better utilized in helping people get compensation for their injuries by assisting them in fighting against the insurance companies.

Cecile brings a combined 31 years of experience and dedicates her time to our Personal Injury Department, helping injured people receive the services they need to rebuild their lives. Using the skills gained in working for the insurance industry, Cecile works hard to maximize settlements helping our clients get the money they deserve.

“I know what it takes to go the extra mile and I believe that every client is entitled to our very best effort.”

Cecile makes it her priority to maximize each settlement. “Every case is different.” So it is important her clients feel acknowledge and validated. Cecile is a very empathetic person. She is committed, loyal and dependable. She has been in our firm for 21 years and she loves it! “We are a big family” she says “is not often that you see your President walking around the office asking their employees how their day is going. That’s what makes our firm so unique”

Cecile is originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. She moved to California when she was 7 years old.  She attended college in Santa Maria, California and Colorado Springs, Colorado. She belongs to the Church Board and enjoys bike rides and walks in her free time.

Cecile Munding
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