Lydia Melendez

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lmelendezLydia joined Edward M Bernstein and Associates in 2006.

Lydia has over 25 years of investigation experience. She started her investigation career as an Intern with a major private investigation firm in New York City. This gave her the experience she needed not only with big corporations and insurance companies but also the opportunity to learn how to look for what is not obvious and go the extra mile. Her confidentiality and effectiveness add to her expertise.  Having conducted both claimant and defense investigations Lydia brings a perception from both sides.

“Since I was a kid, I always wanted to be an investigator” Lydia never takes a “NO” for an answer.  She is very detailed oriented and her work for our firm has given us tools to better serve our clients in their cases. She is stubborn, determined and resourceful. She doesn’t stop until everything “is in a row and there are no holes.”

Lydia’s ability to make people feel comfortable, allows them to open up to her.  Her goal is to get the information she is directed to obtain to help build a stronger case for our clients.

“My best asset as an investigator is never accepting not finding a solution to a puzzle.” Having firsthand experience with accidents she knows what information is needed to build a good case and obtain the best result for our clients.

She loves her job and most of all she enjoys working for our firm “Ed is the first attorney I have worked with who is approachable just like any other employee.”

Lydia spends her free time holding Bible study classes for children.  She is an Assistant Ministry Director in her Church and she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and reading.

Lydia is originally from Brooklyn, New York. She attended college in New York, New York.

Lydia Melendez

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