18 Things You Need to Know About Distracted Driving

Whether we realize it or not, most of us get distracted while we’re driving at least some of the time. Unfortunately, losing focus while driving is one of top reasons auto accidents occur every year. To avoid expensive insurance claims, potential lawsuits, and other legal consequences, you need to avoid letting yourself get distracted while [...]

7 Situations When a Personal Injury Lawyer Can Help You

You’ve been in an accident -- at work, on the road, in a store -- and you know it wasn’t your fault. Someone else was the reason you’re hurt, not working, and racking up medical bills. So you follow the rules you’re given: you file a claim, send in the paperwork, and wait. But the [...]

9 Reasons Auto Accidents are So Common

Every day that you drive to and from work or drop the kids off at school, you witness a near-miss, see a fender-bender on the side of the road, or nearly get hit yourself. Why are auto accidents so common? Is it just because there are so many vehicles out on the road? The real [...]

How to Choose a Personal Injury Attorney

When you fall, get hurt, or think you’ve been the victim of negligence, you need someone who will fight for you and help you get justice. A quick Google search won’t tell you whether or not a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas is someone you should work with. You should talk to multiple attorneys [...]

What is Medical Malpractice and How Can an Attorney Help?

When you visit a doctor, you expect them to be professional and to take care of you. They’re supposed to treat your illness or fix a problem. What they’re not supposed to do is cause you more pain and suffering or make your health worse. You shouldn’t be worried that going to the doctor will [...]

7 Reasons to Call a Personal Injury Attorney

Not every accident you’re in requires a personal injury attorney. Or does it? Knowing when to make the call and hire a lawyer can be confusing. Wait too long, though, and you might not be able to get what you’re owed at all. If you’re ever the victim in an accident and suffer any kind [...]


  September 26, 2017 – Announcing the selection of Edward M. Bernstein among America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigators® for 2017.  Selection to America’s Top 100 High Stakes Litigators® is by invitation only and is reserved to identify the nation’s most exceptional trial attorneys in high value, high stakes legal matters. To be considered for selection, an [...]

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This Week in The Valley from Las Vegas Attorney Edward M. Bernstein & Associates

In the community April 11: CSN is having an open house at its Summerlin Campus from 3pm to 5pm. April 12: The Clark County Fair & Rodeo is going on from 11am until 11 pm at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Logandale, Nevada. At 7pm, “Movie in the Park Wednesday” is showing Dr. Strange at [...]

This Week in The Valley from Las Vegas Attorney Edward M. Bernstein & Associates

  In the community Now through May 29: The Butterfly Habitat at Springs Preserve will be open during Spring from 10 to 3 pm, daily. Guests will witness free-flying butterflies interact with beautiful seasonal plants so that they may emerge with a better understanding of the environment needed for the survival of these spectacular animals.  March [...]

This Week in The Valley from Las Vegas Attorney Edward M. Bernstein & Associates

Special Events In the community March 14: From 7-9am at the Fiesta Henderson Hotel, Tony DePasquale, president and founder of Elysien Private Wealth, will discuss “Protect Your Retirement Plan From Lawsuits and Government Fines” during the Henderson Chamber of Commerce’s networking breakfast. March 15: Yvette Auger's Cosmopolitan Connections is hosting "The 7th Annual Selfie Party [...]

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